Skin Cancer / Moh’s Reconstruction

Reconstruction - Get Back on Track

Any cancer diagnosis is alarming and stressful. What procedure do I need? How will this impact my life? How soon can I have the procedure? What will I look like?

Aesthetic Reconstruction

All of the above questions are best answered by a team. Dr. Rankin works closely with your dermatologist make sure that not only do you receive the best care possible, but all reconstruction is undertaken with the same artistic eye that has made him successful with cosmetic surgery.

We are on your Team

One of the challenges of navigating skin Cancer is communicating with all of the doctors. (Dermatologist, Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, General Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon) Arizona Premier and Dr. Rankin can simplify this process. Most cancers can be resected and reconstructed by the same team and many times by the same surgeon. This ensures that everyone on your team is communicating well.

You are not alone.

Let us demystify your diagnosis and provide you with a clear path from diagnosis to cure. Give Dr. Rankin or one of the patient coordinators a call today!

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