Hand Rejuvenation

You Can't Hide your Hands

Your hands are always exposed. Few areas of the body are as visible as the hands and after years of sun exposure can result in aging that does not reflect your own vitality. The hands age in multiple ways. The skin develops sun spots, volume loss, and changes in elasticity. The preferred approach for hand rejuvenation is to eliminate the sun spots with a laser treatment (Broad Band Light or BBL) and fat grafting (fat transfer) to eliminate the appearance of veins and tendons.

BBL / Intense Pulsed Light

The laser treatment, BBL, can be performed in the office and feels warm, but does not cause any pain. There is no downtime, but don’t forget your sunscreen.

Fat Transfer for smoother hands

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that requires only small incisions in order to remove fat from an unwanted area (flanks, tummy, hips, thighs) and then small needle pokes in order to gently place the fat into the back of the hands.

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