Ear Contouring/ Otoplasty

Regain Your Confidence

Otoplasty reduces the projection of the ears away from the head. “Big” ears can be a source of anxiety or distress in school aged children, but there is a solution. With very minimal, hidden scars, big ears can be reduced.

Ear Surgery

We recommend the procedure be performed under general anesthesia in an accredited facility. The surgery is about 1 hour and downtime is about 1 week. There can be temporary changes in sensation. We do recommend avoiding contact sports for at least 3 months following the procedure.

When should I have Ear Surgery

Summertime is typically the best time to have the procedure performed for your child since it avoids educational absence and there is no need to miss regularly scheduled sports.

If you have any questions about Otoplasty, please give Dr. Rankin a call or message one of our providers. We are happy to answer any questions and all consultations are complimentary.

Ask Dr. Rankin about Ear Surgery

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