Breast Fat Transfer

Bigger breasts without an implant

Fat transfer or fat grafting of the breast is a safe and natural way to increase breast volume. Fat grafting involves transplanting fat from one area of the body to another. Using gentle liposuction, fat is typically taken from your flanks, tummy, or thighs, processed and then injected into the breasts. Fat can also be transferred to the face for dark circles, or buttocks for creation of an hour-glass figure.


The procedure requires only small incisions to be able to harvest the fat from unwanted locations. The fat is then processed to ensure that we use only the best, viable fat cells for transfer. Then small cannulas (blunt needles) are also used to place the fat into their new home.

All Natural Breast Enlargement

Fat grafting uses only your own fat. There are some limitation on the size that can be achieved. Secondly, we cannot simply inject a big ball of fat because these are living cells. We must ensure that they are placed close to their new blood supply so that they can survive. In order to get the best fat cell survival, the amount of fat that can be injected is dependent on your own anatomy. 

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