Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift / Body Contouring

An hour-glass shape is the goal. If you feel that your butt has lost volume with age or that the your “hip dips” have altered your silhouette, then gluteal fat grafting may be the solution for you. Don’t think huge butt. Think smooth, beautiful contours.

BBL in the media

Despite lots of media attention about the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) creating giant butts, the power of the BBL is really in refining the feminine silhouette and creating a smooth, pleasing hourglass figure.  

Prior to increased popularity in the United States, A shapely butt has been prized in many warmer climates. Buttock fat grafting can be a great way to rejuvenate the waist and lower body with very little scarring.   

BBL Procedure

The procedure’s name sake accents the butt, but one of the more dramatic aspect of the procedure is the elimination of the “bra roll”, the reduction in flank and waist size and smoothing transitions between lower back, waist, and thighs.

Butt Implants

Buttock implants can be used for select patients in order to obtain modest increases in projection of the buttock without widening the hips. With this goal in mind, it is still best to combine a small implant with fat grafting in order to get the best outcome and minimize risk. Dr. Rankin will listen and guide you to your goal. We will find the best procedure for you.

Cost of BBL Surgery

BBL surgery costs $9,000 – $11,000. The price includes operating room fees and care by a board certified anesthesiologist.


While these procedures are not very high on the pain scale, there is an awkward recovery. You will typically recover on your sides and stomach after the procedure for one or two weeks. It is OK to stand or lay flat but not sit for 4 weeks.

Best Faja (compression garment) after BBL surgery

You will need to transition through different compressive garments after surgery. The first garment or “Faja” will be snug but comfortable (Marena) and you will eventually transition to a corset in order to reduce swelling and optimize your healing. We also recommend lymphatic massage for Hi-Def lipo.

Depending on the type of work you do, most patients are ready to return to work within 2 weeks. A BBL pillow can be very useful if your job requires any sitting. 

If you have an upcoming event, we recommend that you give yourself about 12 weeks between surgery and your event in order to ensure that you are photo ready and feeling 100%.

Send a message to Dr. Rankin or one of our patient coordinators for more information and to book your free consult.

    Brazilian Butt Lift

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