Breast Augmentation and lift

Breast Augmentation and lift

Breast Augmentation and lift

Case #0352: While only 1 month from surgery, our patient is loving the additional volume, cleavage and smaller areolas achievable with a Breast Augmentation and Lift

Sitting high, the implants will continue to to settle into their final position about 12 weeks after surgery. 

Breast Augment and Lift Chandler AZ
Breast augmentation and lift scottsdale AZ

Notice in this case that the breast was starting to “fall off” of the implant and that the areola had become larger over time. We performed a revision breast augmentation and a lift to give her a more youthful appearance, better contours, and smaller areolas. 

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Boob job Tempe AZ

This case is an example of the ability of a larger implant to “lift” the breast as well. You can see she is only 1 week out from surgery, yet she has no bruising and is feeling great!. She desired larger breasts but also was concerned by her breasts “drooping” after breast feeding. Since she wanted a much larger breast, no incisions were required on the breast in order to lift the nipple position. 

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